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Access Certification

Attesting That Your Employees Have Proper Access Rights

How many employees in your organization have changed roles in the last year? Do some of those employees still have access to applications and data that they no longer need based on their new roles? To comply with internal policies and industry regulations, managers need to regularly attest that their employees need the access they have. This is a crucial task for organizations in health care, organizations that accept credit cards as forms of payment, government departments, financial institutions and any publically traded company. Failing to ensure proper access rights can be incredibly costly, resulting in negative public perception, a drop in stock prices, fines, as well as criminal and civil lawsuits.

Dell One Identity simplifies and automates the attestation process to ensure that your employees have the access they need to do their jobs, no more and no less. And the One Identity approach to access certification moves the burden into the hands of the line-of-business personnel who must perform the attestation. After all, they are best qualified to know “who” should have access to “what,” not the IT department that simply knows “how” to gather attestation data from systems with no context as to the appropriateness of those rights.