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Access Request & Fulfillment

Empowering Your Employees & Managers to Manage Access

Does your organization lean on the IT department to be the only ones who can grant employees access to the resources they need to do their job? Wouldn’t it make more sense to provide your employees and their managers with an easy process for access requests – one powered by automated workflows, built-in policy checks and approvals that remove IT from the equation? How much would security and compliance improve if the ones granting access were actually the ones that understand what that access should be and why it should be granted? And how much time could you save for both your line-of-business employees and your IT team?

Dell One Identity offers a secure and unique process that enables individuals to request the access they need, with approvals driven by the business side of your organization. Approved requests kick off a workflow that automatically completes all the necessary tasks so that your employees get the appropriate access they need immediately while removing the burden from IT. With One Identity, enterprise access request and fulfillment is automated to empower your employees to get only the access they need to do their jobs, but nothing more.