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Framework Optimization

Enhancing & Improving Your IAM Framework

If you use an IAM framework solution as the foundation of your identity and access management (IAM) infrastructure, then you know about the management complexities, long deployment times and functionality gaps inherent in those solutions. Fortunately, Quest One Identity Solutions can help.

Quest One dramatically simplifies IAM whether you use frameworks such as Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (FIM), IBM Tivoli Identity Manager (iTIM), Sun Java Identity Manager, Novell eDirectory or solutions from Oracle, Computer Associates and others. Quest One complements your framework to improve security, help you achieve compliance and enhance efficiency.

Specifically Quest One enhances an IAM framework by:

  • Reducing complexity and accelerating time-to-value as a high number of systems no longer need custom-coded connectors
  • Filling functionality gaps such as multifactor authentication, privileged account management and single sign-on
  • Improving the management, security and scope of your Active Directory environment
  • Adding a layer of business-driven identity intelligence to improve access governance and compliance activities

Read a white paper that shows you how Quest One fits into a typical identity project to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of an existing IAM framework.