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Identity Intelligence

Complete Visibility & Control for IAM

The identity intelligence capabilities of Dell One Identity enable you to consolidate all roles, actions, policies, rights and resources into a single, easy-to-manage and infinitely flexible identity and access management (IAM) structure. Whether starting from scratch or filling functionality gaps in an existing IAM framework, One Identity dynamically adjusts as your needs and systems evolve. Identity intelligence provides you with extensive control and a clear view of all IAM components, so you can make sound decisions based on data, reducing risk.

  • You’ll achieve compliance by satisfying rules and regulations, aligning compliance to them and giving business stakeholders a comprehensive and clear view of how their actions impact compliance, operations and security.
  • Identity intelligence also enhances security by leveraging a unified and dynamic IAM model to apply identities, roles and policies consistently across the enterprise.
  • Finally, you’ll improve IT efficiency by unifying IAM components (identities, roles, policies, workflows, approvals, etc.) and implementing and adjusting IAM based on your evolving business needs.