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Automated Provisioning of User Identities & Access Privileges across the Enterprise

Dell One Identity delivers automated and codeless provisioning of user identities, role assignment, group memberships and access privileges – at a fraction of the cost and complexity of traditional IAM frameworks. With One Identity, ongoing provisioning tasks are based on your business requirements, not the limitations of traditional, hard-coded IAM technologies.

  • Improve efficiency through automated, codeless enterprise provisioning. Reduce administrative costs by providing self-service to end users and line-of-business personnel for ongoing provisioning and other administrative tasks.
  • Enhance security by strictly enforcing policies, eliminating unregulated access, deactivating user accounts quickly and ensuring provisioning accuracy based on business and organizational needs, not technology or staff availability.
  • Achieve compliance by securing access based on roles, rules and policies as well as de-provisioning accounts in a timely manner.