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Active Administrator helps you understand, fix and prevent performance-related issues in your Active Directory. You can determine whether replication between servers is possible; ascertain the status of each domain controller; and maintain the Active Administrator database by purging, reorganizing and restoring data on schedule.

Determine whether replication of a server or forest is possible

Active Administrator can analyze whether replication of a server or forest is possible. Errors are displayed with graphical indicators.

Assess the health of your AD environment

Assessment reports help you understand the health of your AD environment. The forest configuration report contains information about the forests, sites, domains and trusts. The replication health and status report contains information about the replication status for each domain controller, as well as any errors that occurred during the replication process. You can also monitor the status, performance and event logs of domain controllers to identify potential issues or trends before they become critical. Reports can be scheduled.

Maintain the Active Administrator database

Active Administrator optimizes the performance of its database by running a SQL script that reorganizes and rebuilds indexes:  if an index is fragmented less than 30%, the process rebuilds the index; if the index is fragmented 30% or more, the process rebuilds the index.  This process can be run manually or on a schedule. You can also purge and archive data, either manually or automatically.