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Simplifying AD LDS/ADAM Management

ActiveRoles Server delivers comprehensive management for Active Directory Lightweight Directory Service

As organizations create private data stores in Active Directory Lightweight Directory Service (AD LDS*) or migrate applications from non-Microsoft directories to AD LDS, a management solution becomes critical to streamline and control day-to-day administration.

Quest Management Pack for Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) extends Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005 and Operations Manager (OpsMgr) 2007 to provide proactive performance monitoring and real-time diagnostics for detecting, troubleshooting and rapid resolution of replication, performance and availability problems in AD LDS environments. The Management Pack for AD LDS provides a graphical topology view of AD LDS, and numerous rules to monitor the health of AD LDS instances and the systems that

* Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM) is now renamed as Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS).



  • Controlling Administration - Role based delegation across one or more AD LDS instances.
  • Standardization - Rules for generation or validation of user attributes.
  • Administrative Interfaces - Familiar and enhanced to facilitate AD LDS management/administrative tasks.
    • Web-based administrative interface
    • MMC interface similar to Active Directory
    • ADSI programming interface
    • PowerShell command-line interface
  • AD LDS Access - Automatically grant AD users access to AD LDS applications or data.
  • Simplified Management - Manage multiple AD LDS instances from a single console.
  • Auditing and Tracking - Online change history and administrator activity tracking.
  • PowerShell Support - Microsoft PowerShell integration for management of AD and ADAM.


  • Decrease errors and time by automating the placement of AD users into AD LDS groups for access to applications and data
  • Increase security and reduce risk by limiting what particular administrators see and can do within AD LDS
  • Save time and facilitate operations with multiple administrative interfaces
  • Improve management visibility into changes of objects and administrator activity with “right click” simplicity
  • Single point of management for Microsoft Directory management. One solution = less training, less maintenance, less confusion!