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Data Center Virtualization

Boost Performance of Apps Running in Mixed Environments

Foglight gives you the tools you need to enhance the performance of applications running on a virtual or mixed environment data center. The benefits of virtualization are undeniable, however, if you’re still using physical infrastructure monitoring tools in a virtual or mixed world, you may be jeopardizing the performance of your applications. Foglight provides you with powerful monitoring capabilities, from both the user and business service perspectives, regardless of the underlying infrastructure. With Foglight, you can easily answer the following key questions:

  • How do I get a quick picture of how my virtual infrastructure is performing?
  • What virtual machines are consuming the most resources?
  • How is my virtual infrastructure connected to critical applications and services, and how does it support them?
  • How much should I charge the business for services delivered on the virtual infrastructure?

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On-Demand Demo: Addressing the Challenges of Virtual Server Monitoring with Foglight

See how Foglight helps you manage your virtual infrastructure and the applications that leverage it.

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