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IT Executive Dashboards

Get Real-Time Visibility into Business Impact

Foglight provides you with real-time visibility into business impact, service trends and resource utilization, giving you the metrics you need to effectively support agreed-upon business goals. In addition, Foglight’s dashboards help you confirm to business stakeholders that application users are experiencing the response times needed to conduct business, and that transaction conversion rates for external web sites are not being adversely affected by performance or application design issues. Foglight helps you easily answer the following key questions:

  • How can I be certain that my critical service levels are being met?
  • How can I be certain everything is being done to resolve a business impacting problem?
  • How can I get the right information the way I need it to do my job efficiently?

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CS: Catalogue Retailer Saves $300k Annually

Case Study: Catalogue Retailer Saves $300k Annually

Read this independent analyst case study on how a Foglight customer achieved application visibility.

Read the Case Study (PDF)
CS:Foglight Yields $5.4M ROI for Large Telecom Company

Case Study: Foglight Yields $5.4M ROI for Large Telecom Company

After implementing Foglight, a major telecommunications company gained the ability to monitor and control its entire IT applications infrastructure in greater depth avoiding downtime and extra support staff, while boosting efficiencies of business-critical applications and staff productivity.

Read the Case Study (PDF)
FD: Foglight APM Dashboards Demo

Demo(Video): Foglight APM Dashboard Demo

Foglight demonstration of IT executive dashboards being used on a global medical records application.

Watch the Demo