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Improve Operational Efficiency

Reduce MTTR of Incidents and End Cross-Team Finger Pointing

Foglight not only allows you to see your applications the way end users do, it helps you understand how changes to infrastructure and databases will impact your web applications, so you can ensure top performance and availability. Most importantly, Foglight correlates the data from multiple perspectives so you can immediately pinpoint the root cause of a problem, fix it, and keep your applications running — all with one integrated solution. Foglight helps you easily answer the following key questions:

  • How can I find and fix issues before they impact end users and my business?
  • How can I prioritize incident remediation to ensure I'm working on the most important problems first?
  • What is the root cause of the problem and who should I assign to resolve it?
  • How can I see what the end user was doing when the problem occurred?

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Video: Quest on the Board - Performance Monitoring -- IT Domains and Roles

In this episode of the Quest on the Board whiteboard series, Director of Product Marketing Darin Bartik explains how APM (Application Performance Monitoring) relates to other monitoring paradigms from the perspective of what is being monitored and who is doing the monitoring.

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WP: Application Management: How to Do More with Less in a Difficult Economy

White Paper: Application Management: How to Do More with Less in a Difficult Economy

Learn the five challenges of maintaining application visibility, along with ten requirements for an application management toolset that can help organizations like yours do more with less.

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Video: APM: What is it? What’s the value?

It’s like having Gartner Research VP, Will Cappelli right in your own office. Spend 5, 10 or the full 45 minutes together.

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