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Consolidate/Upgrade Monitoring Tools

Cut Operations Costs and Improve Service Delivery

Foglight allows you to consolidate and upgrade your existing application performance monitoring tools to reduce costs and streamline operations – all without negatively impacting service levels. Whether your organization is focusing efforts on consolidating critical business applications and systems, or virtualizing your servers and data centers, Foglight allows you to monitor the entire environment. Foglight helps you easily answer the following key questions:

  • How can I reduce costs and consolidate vendors without losing current monitoring capabilities?
  • How can I fill gaps in my current monitoring capabilities?
  • How can I upgrade service levels and demonstrate more value to the business?

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 What You Can Do

 What You Need

 What Makes Foglight Different

CS: Datalex-Aberdeen Group Analyst Insight

Case Study: Datalex-Aberdeen Group Analyst Insight

Read this independent case study from Aberdeen Group to learn how Datalex consolidated 7 disparate monitoring tools with Foglight to proactively monitor their web sites from an end-user perspective.

Read Case Study (PDF)

Video: Quest on the Board - Performance Monitoring -- IT Domains and Roles

In this episode of the Quest on the Board whiteboard series, Director of Product Marketing Darin Bartik explains how APM (Application Performance Monitoring) relates to other monitoring paradigms from the perspective of what is being monitored and who is doing the monitoring.

Watch the video

Video: APM: What is it? What’s the value?

It’s like having Gartner Research VP, Will Cappelli right in your own office. Spend 5, 10 or the full 45 minutes together.

Watch the video