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Improve User Experience

Enhance Performance for End Users

Foglight User Experience Management (UEM) capabilities deliver the visibility you need to address web application performance issues and ensure a high-quality user experience. Foglight captures every user interaction so you can reduce calls to support, speed mean-time-to-resolution, and easily collaborate with other stakeholders to improve the user experience using the same data and business priorities. With Foglight, you can easily answer the following key questions:

  • How do I become aware of performance problems affecting the end users?
  • Where in the application is the problem occurring and under what circumstances?
  • Which users are being affected and how do I prioritize efforts to resolve the issue?
  • What is the root-cause of the problem and who should I assign to resolve it?

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Improving User QoE on

Case Study: Improving User QoE on

Learn how Recreation Equipment, Inc. improved user Quality of Experience on with Foglight.

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AR: Foglight a Leader in User QoE Management

Analyst Report: Foglight a Leader in User QoE Management

Enterprise Management Associates ranks Foglight a leader in user Quality of Experience Management.

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CS: Catalogue Retailer Saves $300k Annually

Case Study: Catalogue Retailer Saves $300k Annually

Read this independent analyst case study on how a Foglight customer achieved application visibility.

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