Extend the Value of Asset Management

Quest Workspace Asset Manager integrates with a range of solutions to deliver more value to your asset management infrastructure.

Use Microsoft SCCM or Altiris to Gather Asset Data

Collect the necessary asset information directly from the SMS / SCCM or Altiris database, eliminating the need to install Asset Manager agents on the desktop. Use the existing inventory and usage data to discover, identify, manage and track IT assets.

Use Active Directory to Accurately Track IT Assets

Use OU, Group, and Site information in compliance reporting. Out of 100 licenses, the Pittsburgh office may be assigned 10 licenses of Photoshop but are using 18. Asset Manager can help you identify this overage, where standard compliance reports wouldn’t.

Effectively Manage Software in VMware, Microsoft and Citrix Virtual Environments

Virtualized environments create their own licensing challenges and can create compliance nightmares. Asset Manager offers integration with Citrix, VMware and Microsoft, letting you track license usage across virtual environments and report everything accurately.