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Centrally Manage IT Contracts and Vendors

Asset Manager provides a clear window into your relationships with hardware and software vendors, and into the contracts you have with them. It facilitates managing agreements, automates the tracking of contract milestones, and helps manage the vendor relationship itself.

Streamline IT Contracts for Your Hardware and Software Assets

Manage purchasing agreements, leasing agreements and framework agreements. Import contracts from other systems and attach the contract forms and invoices. The entire lifecycle for any type of IT contract or business agreement is streamlined, from initial negotiation to creation, managing, searching, tracking and reporting.

Set Automated Alerts and Easily View Key Contract Dates

You can associate contracts with their related hardware and software assets and set up automated alerts for key contract dates. Important dates from all related contracts are displayed in a graphical timeline. You can even associate related contracts with one another and see them in a unique graphical relationship.

Effectively Manage Your IT Vendor Relationships

Track and maintain all the data on your vendors. Track all meeting records and agreements, contact information and purchase history. Get the most out of your vendor relationships by enforcing consistent risk management policies and vendor assessment processes.