Quest Workspace Asset Manager Version 9 – the Best in the Business Just Got Better

For years, IT administrators have trusted Workspace Asset Manager to discover, identify and manage software and hardware assets for their business. But with Workspace Asset Manager Version 9, the best just got even better – it’s easier to use and more powerful, flexible and robust than ever!

Workspace Asset Manager ensures you’re in control of your assets, implementing best practices and streamlining the audit process – while saving money as you go. Features include:

  • Centralized Asset Management - One point of control – a single dashboard - streamlines monitoring, eliminates conflict and ensures ongoing license and agreement compliance.
  • Total Software Identification - Asset Manager’s DNA database contains information for more than 300,000 software packages. It’s constantly updated, and includes over 15 built-in categories separating commercial software from freeware, trialware, games and more. 
  • Automated License Management – It’s easy to track software based on various license models specific use rights for various vendor agreements including upgrade/downgrade rights and second-use rights. You can also track historical changes to license agreements - including when the agreement was originally created and any upgrades that were made to the agreement.
  • Usage Metering - Asset Manager tracks when – and how often - software is used.  Pre-configured reports display when software that’s not being used, so you can put that license to work where it’s needed.

With all of these features and many more, it’s easy to see that Workspace Asset Manager Version 9 is the only solution you’ll need for complete asset discovery and management. Get your free trial and see for yourself.