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Outlook-to-SharePoint – Collaborate your way

Microsoft Outlook has made content collaboration incredibly fast and easy; however it does have some drawbacks – like frustrating attachment searches, disparate updates to the same document, and those pesky out-of-space email alerts. You know it’s hard to change the way you’ve always worked, though. Luckily, with SharePoint and Dell, the answer is right in front of you.

AttachThis is an easy-to-use Outlook add-in that lets you easily connect Outlook to SharePoint in order to realize the benefits of SharePoint’s content collaboration without changing the way you work.

AttachThis enables you to:

  • Automatically upload email attachments to SharePoint without the effort of leaving Outlook
  • Eliminate out-of-space Outlook alerts
  • Simplify collaboration by  using SharePoint to automatically consolidate edits from various team members into a single document
  • Reduce time spent searching for the right email attachment


  • Streamlined attachments–Upload email attachments to SharePoint, Microsoft SkyDrive, Google Docs and regardless of size or number, from within your email, replacing them with hyperlinks for recipients and reducing your email size
  • Simplified collaboration–Consolidate edits from multiple team members into a single document by taking advantage of the collaborative benefits of SharePoint without changing your work habits
  • Easy searches–Quickly access the latest versions of your documents lost in Outlook using AttachThis SharePoint hyperlinks. These documents will include any edits from email recipients, regardless of the age or copy of the email.
  • Quick installation–Realize the benefits of Quest AttachThis quickly with a simple, focused and fast two-minute installation



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Sending an Email with AttachThis

Sending an Email with AttachThis

Collaborating on documents with your colleagues is easier than ever. AttachThis works the way you do – in Outlook – while giving you access to SharePoint’s collaborative power. Simply send an email attachment as you normally would.

Selecting the SharePoint Location

Selecting the SharePoint Location

Once you hit “Send,” all you have to do is select how you want to send the attachment. If you want it uploaded to SharePoint, you can easily select the location in the drop-down menu, and then select who can access the attachment (access granting only available in AttachThis Pro).

Receiving an email using AttachThis

Voila! Now your email is sent with a link to the SharePoint location rather than the bulky email attachment. Recipients simply click on the link and the document opens. Since the document is now stored in SharePoint, you’ll have a single source of edits from your various collaborators.

Creating Personalized Smart Tags

AttachThis makes selecting the SharePoint location easy with “smart tags” – easy-to-recognize names for the locations you use most. Within the AttachThis dialogue box, simply select the Options icon at the top and begin creating your own smart tags!