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Centralizing Non-Windows Access Control through Active Directory

Authentication Services

Authentication Services is patented technology that empowers non-Windows systems to become "full citizens" in Active Directory for centralized authentication. The very fact that Unix, Linux, and Mac systems have joined the Active Directory domain provides the immediate benefit of central control over which AD user is permitted to authenticate to which non-Windows system. In other words, Authentication Services extends the native access control capabilities of Active Directory to non-Windows systems.

This approach offers several significant benefits:

  • Eliminates the need to configure access through system-by-system policies or manual processes
  • Allows for delegating the granting of access to a specified security team
  • Extends standard Active Directory access control mechanisms to non-Windows systems for policy consistency
  • Provides extreme access control flexibility through the industry’s most robust collection of options
  • Aligns with other access control solutions and identity frameworks

Authentication Services includes the industry’s largest collection of highly flexible access control options. This variety in options makes Authentication Services the best solution for a wide range of needs, environments, and for integration with existing technology.

Benefits of Access Control