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Authentication Services Support Pack for ActiveRoles Server

Combining Identity Administration and Integration

For customers of both Dell ActiveRoles Server and Authentication Services, combining the two products offers a number of compelling benefits. To leverage the administrative power of ActiveRoles Server for Unix and Linux systems that have become “full citizens” in Active Directory, Dell offers an Authentication Services Support Pack for ActiveRoles Server.

By combining ActiveRoles Server and Authentication Services' patented technology, the Support Pack provides an identity management solution that extends the capabilities of ActiveRoles Server to Unix and Linux environments. With the Support Pack, you can implement a wide variety of management scenarios that involve delegation, business rules-based control, and fulfillment of administrative tasks such as:

  • Enabling Windows user accounts to log in to Unix and Linux machines
  • Enabling Windows groups to be used for access control on Unix and Linux systems
  • Managing Unix-related properties of Windows user accounts and groups, such as User ID (UID), Group ID or Primary Group ID (GID), Comment (GECOS), Home Directory, and Login Shell
  • Automatically provision new user accounts with default policy-based Unix attributes
  • Automatically generate unique Unix ID numbers for users and groups
  • Define powerful policy-based constraints to govern valid Unix attribute values
  • Create and manage Unix personality objects

Benefits of the Solution

  • Free for customers of Authentication Services and ActiveRoles Server
  • Enabled management of Unix identity data through the existing ActiveRoles Server Web Interface
  • Implement a policy-based administrative approach for Unix systems from Active Directory
  • Eliminates the need to write custom extensions to manage Unix attributes
  • Eliminates the need to create custom Unix-related Managed Units
  • Eliminates the need to create custom Unix-related Access Templates

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