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Deployment Flexibility to Meet Your Unique Requirements

Schema or no Schema – you decide

Authentication Services' patented technology gives you more options for integrating Unix, Linux, and Mac systems with Active Directory than any other solution. And those options address real-world issues in ways that provide a logical and achievable path to best practices, and an optimized heterogeneous identity and access environment.

Dell understands that “one size fits all” is neither wise nor achievable and only Dell One Identity solutions offer the flexibility to serve the widest range of needs.

More Options, More Flexibility
  • Mapped User -entirely non-disruptive, no impact on the AD schema
  • Personality – highly flexible for managing multiple Unix “personalities” by user and group
  • Standard – provides centralized authentication and identity consolidation as well as access to the entire range of Authentication Services functionality.

But large companies aren’t the only ones achieving benefit from Dell’s approach to simplifying identity and access management. Hundreds of organizations of all sizes are also realizing operational, security, and compliance benefits as they extend their Active Directory infrastructures to non-Windows systems and applications.

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