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Enterprise Group Policy

Authentication Services

Of all the approaches to cross-platform identity and access management Only Authentication Services'  patented technology allows the benefits of Windows Group Policy to expand into true “Enterprise Group Policy”. An approach pioneered by Dell Software in the Authentication Services product. Dell continues to lead the charge to innovate and expand this powerful concept.

For Unix, Linux, and Mac systems, nothing similar to Group Policy exists natively in the various operating systems. Consequently, Unix is the world of one-on-one, manual interaction with multiple systems to implement and enforce any level of change and configuration management. But if those non-Windows systems can participate as “full citizens” in Active Directory, all the benefits Group Policy offers to the Windows platform immediately become available for Unix, Linux, and Mac as well.

Enterprise Group Policy through Authentication Services

Authentication Services seamlessly extends the existing Windows Group Policy framework to non-Windows systems. It provides extremely robust and flexible functionality for centrally managing thousands of Unix settings from the existing Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) without requiring any additional components or infrastructure. This patent-pending technology offers a number of significant benefits.

Extend Group Policy to Mac OS X Systems

Dell extends the Group Policy capabilities of Active Directory to Mac OS X. Authentication Services provides powerful, intuitive and extensive Group Policy functionality for all Mac Workgroup Manager Policies and preferences.  Authentication Services is based on an existing Active Directory installation—there is no need for additional directories, identities, or schema extensions. This enables Mac OS X administrators to more easily manage their infrastructure and improve their service levels.

Benefits of Enterprise Group Policy