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Authentication Services

Features of Active Directory for Unix, Linux, and Mac

Authentication Services' patented technology enables heterogeneous organizations to extend the native capabilities of Active Directory to Unix, Linux, and Mac systems and applications. It is optimized for even the most complex Active Directory/Unix environments.

Extensive Platform Support – Confidently deploy Authentication Services on the widest range of fully supported non-Windows platforms. For a complete list see the supported platforms page.MMC Console Integration – Manage Unix account information for users and groups using the same tools already in place in Active Directory.
Active Directory Multiple Domain Support - Achieve centralized authentication in even the most complex environments including Cross Forest authentication.Active Directory Site Aware – Automatically detect which Active Directory site Unix, Linux, and Mac systems joined to Active Directory belong to.
Support for Advanced AD Capabilities – Confidently deploy AD bridge technology that takes advantage of the latest capabilities of AD including support for ARC4 strong encryption, system clock synchronization, and complex environments with one-way, two-way, and even no-way trusts.Disconnected Support – Enables Unix, Linux, and Mac systems to continue to operate efficiently even when Domain Controllers are unavailable.
Native Packaging Support – Simplify deployments and updates as the software is packaged with native support for Mac, Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, and AIX platforms toSchema Compatibility – Leverage the RFC 2307 schema adopted by Windows Server 2003 (R2) for treatment of non-Windows attributes. Also supports custom schema configuration and a "schemaless" deployment option.