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Authentication Services

Features and Benefits: Administration, Configuration, and Management

Only Authentication Services provides the automated, intuitive, and powerful administration capabilities enterprise organizations demand in their AD bridge solution. Including:

Simplify deployment and management of Authentication Services.Remote Agent Deployment  – Remotely install the Authentication Services Unix, Linux, and Mac agent and joing the system to Active Directory.
Local User and Group Management  - Remotely manage local users and groups on Unix, Linux, and Mac systems. Including:
  • Adding an AD user to a local Unix group
  • Changing the shell of an existing local Unix user
  • Unix-enable an AD account
Reporting – Provide auditors with the fine-grained reports about Unix identity information that they demand. And, reduce the time and effort required to generate key reports that traditionally require manual collection from each system.
Advanced Migration Capabilities  –increase security by centrally enabling local Unix accounts to use AD authentication for password policy enforcement and access control, even without full migration to AD.PowerShell cmdlets – Automate administrative and installation/configuration tasks by leveraging the flexible scripting capabilities of PowerShell.
Active Directory Users and Computers Snap-in – Use the same tools (ADUC) to manage Unix and AD data.Simplified Configuration - Access all settings and tools from a single location.