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Authentication Services

Features and Benefits: Audit, Alerting, and Change Tracking

Authentication Services'patented technology enables heterogeneous organizations to extend the native capabilities of Active Directory to Unix, Linux, and Mac systems and applications. It is optimized for even the most complex Active Directory/Unix environments.

Audit – Solve the challenge of how to audit and report on who makes changes to critical Unix, Linux, and Mac data stored in Active Directory.Alert – Provides a seamless way to notify relevant administrators when changes are made to critical Unix data stored in Active Directory so corrective action can be taken faster.
Visibility - Achieve full visibility unto data stored in Active Directory and the entire Authentication Services environment, providing the ability to monitor and prove that only the right people are making the right changes.Pre-migration Assessment – Profile Unix, Linux, and Mac systems for readiness to leverage Authentication Services. Both the freeware and included versions of Quest Identity Manager for Unix ensure that all systems are ready to join Active Directory.
Local Unix Users and Groups –Quickly and easily provide auditors with fine-grained report on the local Unix identity information they demand.Compliance– Prove compliance by easily generating reports that show which local Unix accounts use local authentication and which use Active Directory authentication.
Change Tracking – Track activities relevant to the Authentication Services environment and Unix data stored in Active Directory with a comprehensive set of tracked events.