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Features and Benefits: Identity and Access Management

Simplifying Identity and Access Management with Authentication Services

Authentication Services enables complex, heterogeneous organizations to simplify identity and access management by actually reducing the number of identities, directories, and authentication mechanisms required by the diverse enterprise. This approach improves efficient, enhances security, and helps achieve compliance.

Extensive Platform Support – Confidently extend Active Directory to your entire Unix, Linux, and Mac environment with the widest range of fully supported non-Windows platforms. For a complete list see the supported platforms page.Integration with Identity Management Tools – Leverage existing identity and access management tools. Authentication Services delivers a foundation for simplified identity management based on existing infrastructure and existing skill sets. provides seamless integration with Quest ActiveRoles Server, Password Manager, ChangeAuditor, InTrust, Reporter, Privilege Manager for Unix, and Defender, as well as a large number of standards-based provisioning and synchronization solutions.
Two-factor Authentication Support - Extend two-factor (one-time password) authentication to the entire range of Unix, Linux, and Mac systems with Defender (included with each installation of Authentication Services). In addition extend Windows-based smart cards, and RSA, and Verisign, two-factor authentication to include Unix, Linux, and Mac systems.SAP Single Sign-on – Achieve single sign-on from Active Directory to SAP running on Unix/Linux hosts through the SAPgui. The only SAP-certified solution in this space.
Single Sign-on for the SAP Netweaver Portal – Eliminate the need for end-users to enter or remember a separate username and password for SAP access through single sign-on into the SAP NetWeaver Portal by simply logging into Active Directory and opening a web browser.Schema Compatibility – Leverage the standard schema in Windows Server 2003 (R2) for treatment of non-Windows attributes with support for the RFC 2307 schema. Also supports custom schema configuration.
Reduced Sign-on for Siebel – Enhance security and compliance for password policies and access control in Siebel be eliminating the need for end-users to remember a separate username and password to access Siebel.Integration with Security Frameworks – Reduce the complexity and accelerate the time-to-benefit for security framework/meta-directory installations such as IBM Tivoli Identity Manager by reducing the number of unique connectors and integration points required.
Audit, Reporting, and Change Tracking – Each installation of Authentication Services includes a full license of ChangeAuditor for Authentication Services to provide the visibility, audit, and alerting required of the new approach to identity and access management.