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Migration and Directory Consolidation through Authentication Services

Features and Benefits: NIS Migration

Authentication Services' patented technology delivers the most powerful and complete set of options and tools for migrating from existing, disparate Unix identity infrastructure (such as NIS) to a unified infrastructure based on Active Directory.

Mapped User Mode – Achieve partial migrations and instant password compliance by allowing existing account stores (Unix/Linux) to be transparently linked to Active Directory account credentials. NIS or other infrastructure remains in place while user authenticate to Active Directory (Unix information is not stored in AD).
Self Enrolment for Mapped User Mode – Reduce deployment time and eliminate the need for administrators to perform manual mapping tasks to achieve the immediate benefits of the non-impact Mapped User Mode implementation option.
Ownership Alignment Tool  - Align ownership of conflicting files through a flexible tool set for the "last mile" of a migration. Quickly re-align their user namespace conflicts before, during, or after primary migration to Active Directory.
Unix Personality Management – Enables simple management of distinct user namespaces which provides one facet of access control management through simple creation of alternate Unix "Personalities" to define profiles in Active Directory for different systems.
RFC 2307 NIS Map Import Wizard – Automatically import existing NIS maps of many different types into their corresponding RFC 2307 data structures in Active Directory. Can import directly from local files, remote files, or an existing NIS server.RFC 2307 NIS Map Editor – Completely retire your existing NIS infrastructure with full support for migrating into Active Directory's RFC 2307 NIS maps. Functionally this enables an Authentication Services-enabled system to serve as a complete NIS proxy.
Netgroups through NSS – Streamline operations by using Active Directory-based netgroups without requiring the management of a separate NIS proxy daemon.
Unix Account Import Wizard - Import user and groups to personalities through the MMC from sources such as NIS, local files, or remote shell. Provides the flexibility to intuitively select sophisticated matching criteria (for linking to account principal).
Setup Wizard – Automates the process of determining and installing the necessary components for Authentication Services to function in the specific environment and for the specific objectives of the end-user organization including Mapped User mode, Unix Personality Management, and Standard Mode.Other NIS Features – Integrate NIS clients directly into Active Directory with the ability to serve password hashes. Provides NIS maps searches relative to NIS folder in Personality Containers, with the ability to specify "wildcards" for the allowed client connection.