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Authentication Services

Features and Benefits: Single Sign-on

Many complex heterogeneous organizations face challenges associated with multiple, disparate user identities and multiple logins. Consequently efficiency, security, and compliance may suffer. Authentication Services' patented technology empowers these organizations to achieve the "holy grail" of single sign-on--true and secure one identity, one directory, one password, one credential access to a high number of non-Windows systems and applications.

SAP Single Sign-on Achieve single sign-on from Active Directory to SAP running on Unix/Linux hosts through the SAPgui. The only SAP-certified solution in this space.Integrated One-time Password (OTP) Strong Authentication – Enhance security through strong authentication via the included licenses and tokens for Dell’s own Defender solution across the entire range of Unix, Linux, and Mac systems as well as support for RSA SecurID and Verisign OTP.
Single Sign-on for the SAP Netweaver Portal - Eliminate the need for users to enter a separate username and password for access to SAP NetWeaver Portal applications. End-users can log into Active Directory, open a Web browser, and get single sign-on into the SAP Netweaver Portal with the only SAP-certified AD Bridge solution with this capability.Reduced Sign-on for Siebel -Eliminate the need for end-users to remember a separate username and password to access Siebel. Security and compliance are enhanced as Active Directory password policies and access control are enforced for Siebel logins.
Single Sign-on for DB2 – Achieve Active Directory-based single sign-on to DB2 running on Unix or Linux systemsOpenSSH Support and Guidance Achieve SSH single sign-on and/or reduced sign-on for the entire range of platforms that Authentication Services supports.
Samba Support and Guidance – Use Active Directory-based access to Samba shares for the entire range of platforms that Authentication Services supports.Application Integration– Authenticate applications using the same AD credential generated at Windows login through powerful integration with GSS-API, LDAP, and Kerberos.
Smart Card Support – Leverage a path to compliance with new Federal regulations and financial services best-practices. A user can insert a smart card (Axalto or CoolKey CAC) in an Authentication Services-enabled Linux or Solaris workstation and be authenticated to Active Directory.