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Quest Authentication Services

Features and Benefits: Strong Authentication

Only Authentication Services includes strong authentication across the entire range of supported platforms at no extra charge. Key benefits include:

Integrated One-time Password (OTP) Strong Authentication –Enhance security through strong authentication via the included licenses and tokens for Quest Defender across the entire range of Unix, Linux, and Mac systems . See the complete list on the Supported Platforms pageSupport for Third-party OTP – Extend OTP authentication from RSA and Verisign through Authentication Services.
Smart Card Support  - Leverage a path to compliance with new Federal regulations and financial services best-practices. A user can insert a smart card (Axalto or CoolKey CAC) in an Authentication Services-enabled Linux or Solaris workstation and be authenticated to Active Directory.OTP Administration – configure, deploy, and manage Defender OTP through the same tools used to administer Authentication Services itself.
*This product includes software developed by SAP AG