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Authentication Services

Simplifying Identity and Access Management

Authentication Services' patented technology provides the enabling power to enable organizations to simplify identity management based on an existing investment in Active Directory. Through the product, Active Directory-based identity management solutions—such as those for provisioning, strong authentication, privileged account management, password management, and auditing and reporting—from the Dell One Identity family of IAM solutions as well as from other vendors, can naturally extend to non-Windows systems. In addition, Authentication Services can dramatically simplify an existing metadirectory or synchronization solution by allowing a high number of systems to participate in an AD-based identity management infrastructure rather than a synchronization scenario, which may require custom integration points with each system.

With AD as the foundation for enterprise-wide identity management—enabled for heterogeneous systems through Authentication Services—organizations can achieve operational efficiency, enhanced security, greater compliance, and significant ROI. The product allows the existing investment in AD to enhance identity management for non-Windows systems using existing standards-based tools and the existing skill sets of IT staff.

Benefits of Simplifying Identity and Access Management