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Group Policy for Mac

Features and Benefits

Group Policy for Mac OSX

Tying Apple's Managed Client Solution to Active Directory Group Policy
Authentication Services delivers Mac preferences and settings from Active Directory Group Policy directly to Apple Computer’s managed client solution. This native integration allows existing Apple applications, such as the System Profiler, to see and display preference settings from Active Directory Group Policy.

Preferences and Policies
Authentication Services Group Policy for Mac supports Mac Workgroup Manager preferences and policies. It provides intuitive and powerful management of thousands of settings including:

  • Finder
  • Media access
  • Dock settings
  • System preferences
  • Login
  • Application
  • Classic
  • Universal access
  • Network
  • Software update
  • Energy saver
  • Parental controls
  • Time machine
  • Preference manifests


Extend Group Policy Management to Third-party Applications
Apple’s best practices recommend that third-party solutions for Mac applications include a Preference Manifest File that defines setting types and allowable values. Group Policy for Mac automatically interprets the Preference Manifest file and includes it in the user interface, providing a single point of Group Policy management from Active Directory.

Active Directory Settings Extended to the Mac
Authentication Services also extends many powerful Windows identity and access management polices to the Mac environment for:

  • Passwords
  • Account lockout
  • Kerberos
  • User rights assignment
  • Security options


Purpose Built User Interface
Authentication Services uses an intuitive and familiar Group Policy management interface that makes it easy to locate and manage Mac OS X settings and preferences from Active Directory.

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