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Powerful Group Policy for Mac OS X Systems

Authentication Services Managed Client Extensions for Group Policy

Group Policy for Mac OSX

Quest Authentication Services' patented technology extends the powerful authentication and Group Policy capabilities of Active Directory to Mac OS X. Authentication Services Group Policy for Mac provides powerful, intuitive and extensive Group Policy functionality for all Mac Workgroup Manager Policies and preferences.  Authentication Services is based on an existing Active Directory installation—there is no need for additional directories, identities, or schema extensions. This enables Mac OS X administrators to more easily manage their infrastructure and improve their service levels.


  • Manage the entire range of Mac OS X preferences and policies from Active Directory
  • Extend Group Policy management to third-party applications
  • Improve policy management with a purpose-built user interface
  • Implement Mac Group Policy without additional infrastructure
  • Authenticate Mac OS X systems with users’ Active Directory identities
Benefits of Enterprise Group Policy

Benefits of Group Policy for Mac