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Security Adapter for Siebel

Single Sign-on and Reduced Sign-on for Siebel Running on Unix

Authentication Services' patented technology integrates Unix, Linux, and Mac systems with Microsoft Active Directory for centralized authentication, Authentication Services also provides integration for key applications. Through a built-in Siebel security adapter, Siebel installations running on Unix and Linux can authenticate with the same Active Directory login using the same security rules and standards that are already in effect for the Windows login.

Authentication Services is the first and only solution specifically designed to leverage the generic Siebel Security Adapter Interface 3.00 API to integrate Siebel with Active Directory. Without Authentication Services, organizations running Siebel will integrate with Active Directory ineffectively through a generic LDAP security adapter or through their own “custom” security adapter.


  • Authenticate to Siebel applications running on Unix from Active Directory in a simple, efficient, and secure manner
  • Achieve optimal integration through a Siebel Active Directory security adapter on Unix and an Apache module for single sign-on
  • Enforce Active Directory password and access control policies to Siebel applications running on Unix or Linux
  • Use Active Directory group memberships for Siebel roles

Features and Benefits of the Authentication Services Security Adapter for Siebel