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Security Adapter for Siebel

Features and Benefits

Authentication Services includes patented technology and is the first and only solution specifically designed to leverage the generic Siebel Security Adapter Interface 3.00 API to integrate Siebel with Active Directory. Without Authentication Services, organizations running Siebel will integrate with Active Directory ineffectively through a generic LDAP security adapter or through their own “custom” security adapter.

Active Directory Authentication - Authentication Services extends the same integrated Windows authentication (IWA) provided for Siebel running on Windows to Siebel running on Unix and Linux. Because Unix and Linux systems are actually “joined” to the Active Directory domain, the Authentication Services Siebel Security Adapter can provide IWA to Siebel running on Unix and Linux.

Advanced Password Security - Typical LDAP-bind password validation practices require additional security measures (such as the implementation of TLS/SSL and certificate infrastructures) to properly support password change. Authentication Services, with its Kerberos integration, overcomes these shortcomings by seamlessly supporting Siebel password change, password policy enforcement, and password expiration notification well beyond the limitations of the LDAP-only approach.

Siebel Role Management - The Authentication Services Siebel Security Adapter also enables you to manage Siebel roles using Active Directory groups. This approach greatly simplifies management by eliminating the need to separately manage and maintain Active Directory groups and Siebel roles for the same set of users.

Siebel Account Management - Authentication Services makes managing Siebel user accounts more efficient, more secure, and more compliant. Siebel roles can be managed through the Active Directory Users and Computers MMC interface; Active Directory account creation and administrative passwords sets can be administered from the Siebel management interface. Authentication Services even provides a “post-authentication” hook, which can be used to auto-provision Siebel accounts in the Siebel user database upon the first Siebel login from Active Directory.

Ability to Leverage Active Directory beyond Windows - The Authentication Services Siebel Security Adapter fully leverages the site topology of Active Directory to distribute load and provide redundancy for Siebel authentication operations.—It includes a disconnected mode for use when an Active Directory domain controller may become unavailable and supports the full range of Active Directory capabilities, including support for multiple forests and domains, Windows 2000 and 2003 at any Forest functional level, and even two-way, one-way, and no-way trusts. In addition, Authentication Services provides the flexibility to offer benefit-laden deployment in both schema-based and schema-less options.

Single Sign-on - For environments where Siebel is running on an Apache web server, Authentication Services Siebel Security Adapter integrates with the Siebel Web Server Extension for single sign-on to Siebel from Active Directory.

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