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Single Sign-on for SAP

Increase the Security, Privacy and Compliance of Your SAP Data

Authentication Services' patented technology enables Unix and Linux systems to “join” the AD domain, which extends the compliant and secure AD-based authentication, for SAP to SAP on Unix servers. Consequently, the workload required of the SAP administration team can be dramatically reduced, as they are no longer distracted by password management issues. At the same time, this integration also results in a superior user experience and can increase security by protecting SAP data in transit between the client and the server using advanced encryption technologies.

The Single Sign-on for SAP solution is comprised of both an Authentication Services-configured Unix server which hosts the SAP R/3 application, and a desktop component, which provides GSS-API services to the desktop SAPgui client. Together with Active Directory, this solution is certified by SAP for the BC-SNC 4.0 interface. It is the only certified SAP solution that also provides complete integration of Unix identities with Active Directory, providing the additional benefit of allowing the Unix and SAP administrators who must log on to the R/3 server to also use their Active Directory username and password credentials – or transparently authenticate with a single sign-on-enabled terminal client on a Windows desktop.

Implementing Authentication Services Single Sign-on for SAP:

  • Provides true AD-based single sign-on for SAP running on Unix or Linux
  • Eliminates the transmission of users’ passwords over the network
  • Can be configured to perform data integrity checks on session data
  • Optionally encrypts SAP data, while it is transported over the network
  • Simplifies deployment without the need for PKI or certificate infrastructure
  • Provides an audit trail for SAP authentication activities with AD