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Authentication Services

Single Sign-on, Reduced Sign-on, and centralized Authentication

Dell One Identity’s approach to identity integration (and consequently the centralized authentication, single sign-on, and reduced sign-on benefits) has proven successful at more than 1,000 companies worldwide representing more than 5 million users.

  • One of North America’s leading financial institutions was able to leverage Dell technology to reduce logins and password for its entire retail teller population from 18 logins to only two. This success extended to more than 7,000 Unix servers and more than 110,000 users.
  • The SAP single sign-on capabilities of Authentication Services are being used by tens-of-thousands of users at one of the world’s leading nutrition and food companies and at one of North America’s top aerospace corporations.

But large companies aren’t the only ones achieving benefit from Dell’s approach to simplifying identity and access management. Hundreds of organizations of all sizes are also realizing operational, security, and compliance benefits as they extend their Active Directory infrastructures to non-Windows systems and applications.

The Dell approach (and patented technology of Authentication Services) allows a number of platforms, systems, and applications to become "full citizens" in Active Directory, including:

  • Unix
  • Linux
  • Mac OS X
  • Java
  • Siebel
  • DB2
  • SAP (SAPgui and Netweaver)
  • Any Kerberos-enabled application
  • Any LDAP aware application
  • Applications with an authentication API (such as GSSAPI)