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Datasheets and Case Studies

Unix Integration and Compliance - Quest Authentication Services and Vintela Single Sign-on for Java


The Vintela Authentication Services product has been renamed Quest Authentication Services. The update process has not been fully implemented in all the docuements available from this page. Rest assured that functionality, featrues, and benefits remain unchanged if a document does not use the new product name.

Datasheets provide key information on the core functionality of Quest’s solutions for simplifying identity management.

Datasheet QuestAuthentication Services

Datasheet Quest Authentication Services - Single Sign-on for SAP

Datasheet Quest Single Sign-on for Java

Case studies discuss the real-world implementations of these solutions at companies worldwide.

How Dell Streamlined Authentication and Identity Management Using Quest's Authentication Services

When security, management, and compliance demands required Dell authentication and identity management systems to be consolidated into a single common directory, the Dell IT group turned to Quest Software’s Vintela® Authentication Services, which enabled the integration of Microsoft® Windows®, Unix®, and Linux® platforms with the Microsoft Active Directory® directory service. Read the case study

Quest Helps Red Energy Simplify Identity Management and Connect Its Heterogeneous Environment

Red Energy, an Australian retailer of electricity, spun off from its parent company and enjoyed the luxury of designing an entire IT infrastructure from the ground up, the company decided to base all identity management on Active Directory. Quest Software’s Authentication Services, Single Sign-on for Java, and Password Manager products provided the technical enablers to make this strategy a reality. Read the case study

dunnhumby Saves Time, Reduces Costs and Creates a Secure Mixed IT Environment with Quest Authentication Services

Driven by the need to migrate its Unix-based applications to Linux, dunnhumby needed a solution to efficiently and securely manage its mixed IT environment. dunnhumby recognized that AD offered the most elegant solution for providing users with access to both their Windows and Linux applications, and went in search of a suitable solution. Authentication Services, from Quest Software fit the bill perfectly. Read the case study

Quest Assists RotaDyne with the Implementation of a Single, Integrated Authentication Solution

RotaDyne launched a comprehensive IT overhaul, which included centralizing all company locations on a Windows server infrastructure and adding all 30 AIX servers to the same infrastructure. The goal was to increase the efficiency of managing computing resources company-wide. The company determined that in order to take full advantage of the efficiencies offered by centralization, Active Directory (AD) should provide the identity and authentication management infrastructure for not only the Windows systems, but also for the 30 distributed AIX servers as well. Unfortunately, out-of-the-box, AD does not support AIX (or any other Unix or Linux system) however Authentication Services, from Quest Software was able to deliver this capability. Read the case study

Quest Helps Southern Company “Make it One” with Authentication Services

Southern Company, one of North America’s largest utility companies launched an internal IT initiative called “Make it One”. This initiative encouraged the company to base as much of its complex, heterogeneous infrastructure as possible on existing, best-in-class technologies. For identity management this meant allowing a high number of Unix and Linux systems to participate as full citizens in Active Directory. Through Quest Software’s Authentication Services, Southern Company was able to achieve it’s goal and experience significant ROI and enhanced compliance in the process. Read the case study