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Product Documentation

Unix Integration and Compliance

The Vintela Authentication Services product has been renamed Quest Authentication Services. The update process has not been fully implemented in all the docuements available from this page. Rest assured that functionality, featrues, and benefits remain unchanged if a document does not use the new product name.

Quest Authentication Services Quick Start Guide

This Quick Start Guide covers one simple approach for installing and using Authentication Services. It is ideal for companies that have purchased the Authentication Services Starter Pack. The Quick Start Guide covers the basics of installing the product and becoming operational. Steps include:

  1. Running the preflight diagnostic tool.
  2. Installing the Authentication Services client and joining the domain.
  3. Enabling self enrollment.
  4. Logging in using your Active Directory account.

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Quest Authentication Services Solutions Guide

This document has been prepared to assist you in becoming familiar with Authentication Services. It employs a task-oriented approach to installation and deployment. The Solutions Guide includes instructions for:

  • Installing Authentication Services
  • Deploying Authentication Services
  • Managing users and groups
  • Logging in
  • Setting up access control
  • Integrating existing applications with Active Directory
  • Implementing Group Policy
  • Migrating from NIS
  • Using Authentication Services command line utilities
  • Troubleshooting

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Quest Authentication Services Modules

Quest Authentication Services Single Sign-on for SAP

The Authentication Services and SAP SNC Solution provides a greatly increased level of security, identity integration, centralized auditing, data integrity and security, and user experience. The integration of Unix and Linux hosts with Active Directory through Authentication Services allows SAP client and servers to use the capabilities of the SAP SNC interface to use a common security and authentication infrastructure and to fully leverage the ability of Windows XP and Windows Professional desktops to provide a secure authentication token in the form of a Kerberos ticket, while retaining the benefits of continued deployment of SAP R/3 server solutions on Unix hosts. Download this document

Quest Single Sign-on for Java