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Simplify Your Migration to Open Systems with BridgeWare

Quest Software has supported the HP 3000 platform for more than 15 years with proven solutions for high availability, output management and middleware. With HP phasing out the platform in 2006, Quest offers assistance to all existing HP 3000 users to help in this transition. Our middleware solutions will simplify your migration to open systems and continue to provide value after the migration.

BridgeWare, a cooperative development effort between Quest and Taurus Software, is a proven data movement solution. Whether you are migrating your data to Oracle, SQL Server, Informix, DB2 or Eloquence, BridgeWare will automate the process and ensure data consistency across all platforms.

BridgeWare can populate changes to open systems with minimal impact to the existing environment which is critical in a migration cutover. Since Quest provides delta refreshes, the two environments can coexist until the cutover takes place. In a matter of minutes, the HP3000 can be retired and all the new data converted to the new platform and data structures. It is seamless, painless, fast and accurate with minimal disruption to your daily business activities.

BridgeWare, is bi-directional and can allow the new system and old system to work together in coexistence for historical purposes or to perform parallel testing before the cut-over takes place.

Use BridgeWare for Data Warehousing

After your migration to open systems, BridgeWare continues to add value by enabling continual data movement to data warehouses, data marts or new open system applications. Flexible configurations allow real-time or scheduled posting, giving users the power to access and update data across multiple platforms.

Get License Credits Towards Other Quest Solutions

Quest Software provides a broad solution set for open systems management, including solutions for development and deployment, performance and availability, and information delivery. Quest is prepared to offer our loyal MPE customers license credits toward these solutions once they've migrated off of the HP 3000. Please contact your Quest sales representative for more information.