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Application Compatibility Testing

Application compatibility issues can have a far-reaching impact on your organization. With the right solution, you can dramatically reduce the time and risk involved in migrating to Windows 8, IE 8-10, Microsoft Office 2010, or deploying virtualization technologies like ThinApp, XenApp, and App-V.

Automated application assessments

Whether you’re considering migrating to a new OS, updating to a new Patch Tuesday release, or virtualizing applications, ChangeBASE can help you make accurate and informed decision on the likely impact.


  • Make informed decisions on migration timescales and costs
  • Identify potential compatibility issues upfront to avoid process iterations
  • Automatically convert applications to MSI so they can be loaded for testing in minutes instead of days
  • Produce compatibility assessments in minutes/hours rather than with weeks of testing
  • Quickly identify migration issues that may arise across the entire application estate
  • Produce detailed reports to aid with grading and prioritizing applications

How it works

ChangeBASE makes it easy to bulk import MSI and virtualization applications. Legacy installers such as EXE, VBS, CMD, BAT, etc. can be auto-converted to an MSI format and then imported into ChangeBASE for assessment.

The solution automates the testing of hundreds or even thousands of applications at a time against a set of comprehensive rules to determine whether they will work on a new target OS and will be compatible for virtualization. Checks cover:

  • Microsoft Windows Assessment – Assess application compatibility for Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows Server 2008-2012 and assess the time/resources needed for migration.
  • Application Virtualization Assessment – Accelerate the adoption of virtual application solutions by comparing compatibility ratings to see which are the best fit for the organization. Supports the widest variety of application virtual assessments across VMware ThinApp, Microsoft App-V, Citrix XenApp, and Symantec SWV.
  • Virtual Desktop and RDS Assessment – Assess compatibility for virtual, server, hosted, and traditional clients in one pass. SupportsMicrosoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and Citrix XenDesktop.
  • Browser Assessment – Detect potential web application compatibility issues when deploying Firefox and Internet Explorer 8-10 by checking web application files and pages that a user might visit.
  • Microsoft Office Dependency Assessment – Prepare for Microsoft Office 2007-2010 migrations by identifying Microsoft Office-dependent applications.
  • Microsoft Patch Impact Assessment – Provide compatibility analysis against the monthly system updates and fixes supplied by Microsoft in its Patch Tuesday release. Reduce security risks and speed deployment times by completing patch impact assessments within minutes. Introduce changes quickly and reliably.
  • Customization – Gain control by authoring your own checks and balances on the application estate.