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Application Virtualization

Many organizations stand to gain from virtualizing applications. However, moving applications and virtually packaging them is a complex, costly, and potentially risky process. Organizations cannot afford to lose business-critical functionality.

This challenge is further amplified when multiple application virtualization technologies are considered. Each application must be tested across a range of platforms. Some applications may work only on App-V or ThinApp, while others may only be compatible with XenApp or SWV.

However, manually testing a whole application estate for virtual package compatibility with several different technologies, as well as target operating systems is a daunting, arduous task. Moreover, it is very unlikely that a whole estate will be compatible with any given virtual solution. Remediating applications for a target platform is time-consuming, costly, and error-prone. Enterprise IT administrators need to determine potential compatibility issues upfront. ChangeBASE facilitates this decision-making in the “best way forward” chart within the dashboard reports.


  • Quickly and accurately assess multiple virtual technologies
  • Eliminate human error through automation
  • Reduces the time needed to test, fix, and package applications to virtual formats
  • Accelerate virtual deployments

How it works

ChangeBASE can assess an entire application estate for compatibility against any selected rule groups, target technology (listed below), and target OS:

  • Microsoft App-V
  • Citrix XenApp Streaming Profiler
  • VMware ThinApp
  • Symantec SWV

ChangeBASE provides accurate compatibility reports in a matter of minutes, enabling you to test an entire portfolio against a range of virtual solutions easily and cost-effectively. This will save you days, weeks, or even months of manual testing.

The solution streamlines application readiness by automating the remediation of many application compatibility issues raised during analysis. In cases where automated fixes aren’t available, ChangeBASE provides detailed instructions for manual fixes to accelerate the remediation process. This dramatically reduces the risk of application virtualization.