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Dell One Identity Cloud Access Manager

Get to the cloud securely with unified access

Dell One Identity Cloud Access Manager delivers secure access to cloud-based and internal web applications while improving security and IT efficiency.

Part of the Dell One Identity products from Dell Software, Cloud Access Manager provides single sign-on (SSO), just-in-time cloud provisioning, identity federation, access control and auditing for virtually any web application.


  • Centralized authentication and single sign-on (SSO): Connect multiple user directories and applications into a centralized authentication “hub.” Move away from dedicated application-centric directories and the administrative burden they represent. Create a session spanning multiple web applications — hosted locally or by a software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendor — with a single login event and password.
  • Rules-based access control: Ensure that users can access only the applications they are authorized to use based on IT-defined user roles, eliminating inconsistent and ad-hoc security. Roles are based on rules evaluated in real time and using existing identity data, enabling granular control, even down to sub-regions of a web application.
  • Identity federation: Provide SSO support for cloud-based applications, multi-forest collaboration, heterogeneous platforms and partner extranets through identity federation. Cloud Access Manager eliminates the need for redundant user passwords in these cross-domain scenarios by supporting identity federation with multiple protocols, both Identity Provider (IdP) and Service Provider (SP) roles.
  • User provisioning in the cloud: Gain the ability to provision user accounts to the cloud for federated SSO to Salesforce®, Google® Apps and Microsoft® Office 365®. Centralize access provisioning and SSO functions into a single tool for greater IT efficiency. Save money by activating licenses only when access is used with just-in-time provisioning.
  • Remote access and application discovery: Simplify how users find the applications they need to get things done using Cloud Access Manager’s Application Portal. Users have streamlined access to easy-to-read, role-based collections of application links. Cloud Access Manager’s proxy gives users access to applications from a web browser at any location.
  • Access audits: Centralize authentication to simplify auditing and reporting on access events for compliance, repudiation and forensics.

Sys Reqs


Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (with latest updates applied) or above1
CPUMin. 2 multi-core processors
MemoryMin. 4 GB
Disk space (minimum)200MB

Notes: Proof of Concept deployment option provides a built-in database; database server can be co-located with host machine

Database ServerMicrosoft SQL Server 2008 or above
CPUMin. 2 multi-core processors
MemoryMin. 4 GB
Disk space (guideline, assuming typical usage)200 MB + ~2K per user + ~2K per user per day (audit)


  • Internet Explorer (version 8 and above)2, 5
  • Google Chrome (version 25 and above)3, 4
  • Mozilla Firefox (version 20.0 and above)2, 4
  • Safari (version 5.1 and above)4
  • Safari (version 5.1 and above)4
  • Safari (iOS6 and above)
  • Google Chrome (version 30 and above)
  • Google Chrome (version 30 and above)
  • Mozilla Firefox (version 24 and above)
  • Standard browser (Blackberry 10 and above)
Windows Phone 7
  • Internet Explorer (Windows Phone 7.5 and above)

1Proxy host servers can run on a Windows Server Core configuration
2Supported for integrated Windows authentication
3Google Chrome version 34.0.1847.131m or above supported for integrated Windows authentication
4Supported for administrator users
5Internet Explorer version 9 and above supported for administrator users