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Database Management

Software for Database Quality, Performance, and Availability

Take advantage of Toad and our other industry-leading tools to improve database performance, ensure high availability, and streamline data analysis.

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The #1 productivity tool for database pros

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Scalable, web-based database monitoring tools

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Simple, low-cost Oracle data replication software

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High-speed Oracle and SQL Server backup compression tools

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Database Management, Simplified

Millions of DBAs, developers, and analysts around the world rely on our database management tools to simplify their work.

No matter what your job function is, or which technologies you're using, there’s a solution from Quest (now a part of Dell) that will empower you to complete your tasks with greater speed and accuracy than ever before.

See for yourself how much easier your job can be. Experience simplicity at work with our leading database management solutions.


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See how Toad for Oracle v11.5 can save you hours each day – whether you're a DBA, developer, or data analyst.

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