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Web-based Authentication

Defender GrIDsure Token

Users are constantly accessing internal only web sites in order to perform their day to day job functions. But what happens when they need to get access to these sites when they are not in the office, or if you want to make these sites available to individuals outside your organization. Using static passwords to access this highly sensitive data is not enough, but you are not interested in managing a two-factor solution that would require you to distribute hardware or software to all of your employees, much less anyone outside your organization. Don't worry there is a solution.

The Defender GrIDsure token can be used to protect any website hosted on an Internet Information Server (IIS), without the need to deploy additional hardware or software to users. By selecting a series of cells on a grid and registering them, a user creates a personalized identification pattern or PIP. The PIP is then used to create a one-time password when a user authenticates by selecting the numbers that match their PIP from the unique grid of numbers.

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