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Windows Installer packaging

MSI Studio, as part of the Desktop Authority Management Suite, reduces the cost of application ownership and software distribution by simplifying the creation, modification and deployment of Windows software installers.

Repackage on any machine.

Connect to a target computer to monitor the files and settings legacy application installers have changed and capture them in an MSI installer, automating future installs.

Change installation preferences with a comprehensive MSI editor.

Use an intuitive graphical interface to change MSI installation preferences. A tree view displays components and features, allowing easy drag and drop of resource items.

Simulate installations with advanced zero-touch conflict testing.

Easily create a special MSI package that simulates the effect of the application installer on the target computer, without making actual changes. Quickly identify and resolve conflicts between applications in your environment, ensuring applications work well together. Add a repository for storing MSI packages to enable easy reporting on where each package might conflict with others.

Compare MSI packages.

View the difference between two MSI installer files by viewing the changes in the table view with color-coded rows or by exporting the differences to a text file.

Support legacy applications.

Monitor changes from a legacy application installer and create a well-structured MSI package.

Validate projects.

Validate projects (ICE or MCE) and display errors in the output window.