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Remote user support

Desktop Authority delivers a simple, centrally managed remote support center, providing remote desktop support with or without user interaction.

Centralize deployment of remote management functionality.

All remote desktop management functionality is deployed as part of the desktop configuration, complete with multiple security and user experience settings to ensure security, privacy and productivity.

Manage user desktops remotely.

Using any standard Java-enabled browser over a 128-bit SSL session, remote Windows support professionals can work "behind the screen" to resolve issues without needing to interact with the user. This saves you time and prevents frustration, while allowing user productivity to remain high.

Establish remote control of user desktops.

When issues require the support professional to interact with the user, the same browser-based session can be used to establish IT remote control or remote viewing of the desktop that needs attention. IM with users during the session and blank the screen if needed when entering credentials.

Support remote users anywhere.

Desktop Authority’s remote user support can support users anywhere. Whether on the LAN, or over the Internet, admins can support users in remote offices, on the road or anywhere an Internet connection is available.