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Compliance, Audits and Security

With Quest, you can control compliance before it controls you.

Take the stress out of audits with Quest solutions. Audit access and produce reports that management can understand. Retain and dispose of e-mail to meet regulatory compliance mandates. Prevent inappropriate usage. Establish and enforce permissions in real-time, and alert to changes.

Audit and Report

ChangeAuditor for Exchange

Change auditing and reporting for Microsoft Exchange server

  • Audit Exchange configuration and permission changes
  • Track non-owner mailbox access and activity
  • Provide the “who, what, where and when” of all changes
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Essential business intelligence for Exchange and unified communications

  • Provide regulation-specific and internal control reports
  • Report on keywords, message-level history and header information
  • Enable report access to managers, administrators, legal and HR
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Retain or Dispose

Archive Manager

Preserve, control and discover e-mail

  • Tag e-mail for review so that only relevant content is exported for analysis
  • Enable granular retention and legal hold
  • Search content within e-mails and attachments quickly
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Prevent and Enforce

Security Explorer

Powerful solution for real-time management of access controls and security

  • Search and fix Exchange permissions in real time
  • Automate permission management
  • Clean orphaned permissions for security management
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White Paper: Key Strategies to Simplify Exchange Auditing

Learn practical guidance on protecting your business from unauthorized access to information, compromise of user identity, and unwanted changes to system configuration.

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Quest Drive: Take our ChangeAuditor solutions for a QuestDrive

QuestDrive is our web-based, virtual environment enabling you to evaluate our solutions without the need to install any software on your computer.


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Case Study: Titan Petrochemicals

Read how Titan Petrochemicals relied on Quest solutions to meet their need to archive and manage their ever-growing e-mail communications for compliance without increasing resources.

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