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This white paper recommends practices covering people, processes, and tools that will enable an IT organization to prioritize incidents based on business impact and more quickly restore services to operation.

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Foglight for Oracle E-Business Suite

Simplified Oracle E-Business Suite Application Monitoring and Management

Foglight for Oracle E-Business Suite helps you manage the availability of Oracle E-Business Suite applications. By monitoring performance degradations or application availability issues, Foglight plays a vital role in increasing the business value and lowering the total cost of ownership of the Oracle E-Business Suite. In addition, Foglight helps key stakeholders understand application performance via customizable, role-based dashboards.

  • Monitor and manage critical Oracle E-Business Suite performance measurements
  • Identify and resolve problems proactively before end-users are affected
  • Reduce total cost of ownership for Oracle E-Business Suite systems
  • Improve application compliance and adherence to service levels
  • Associate performance and availability issues to business services being affected


  • Business and Technical Monitoring - Foglight monitors Oracle E-Business application and business activity — including overall application health, unused and inactive user accounts, workflow management views and activity, application user activity, concurrent request activity, daily and monthly uptime, and application response time. The information it provides allows you to reduce or eliminate application downtime, quickly identify root causes, and focus IT efforts on problems that are most critical to the business.
  • Proactive Alerting - Foglight delivers out-of-the-box alarm configurations, customizable rules and auto baseline metrics to help you manage application performance issues and SLA compliance.
  • Point-In-Time Analysis - Foglight lets you search for a root cause starting with the business impact and working backwards, so you can identify the associated user and incident.
  • Intuitive Diagnostics - Foglight provides end-to-end visibility of all relevant EBS application performance data within one central console, and associates all performance and availability issues with business services.
  • Service Level Tracking - Foglight allows you to establish historical, realistic and manageable service levels at an application, geographical and enterprise level to increase service levels.
  • Role-Based Views - Foglight improves decision-making with consistent and accurate information presented in formats that are suitable for each audience.
  • Business Service Grouping - Foglight will logically group activities or services into service groups, extending management to include both novice administrators and application experts.
  • Capacity Planning and Performance Trending - Reports in Foglight show the past, current and projected state of your business-critical EBS applications.



Oracle E-Business End-to-End Application Monitoring

Just one of the many dashboards available to visualize the health of the environment, the Foglight Oracle E-Business geographical dashboard monitors each tier of Oracle E-Business releases 11i and 12, from the end user perspective to application servers, database servers and the internals of the application, including concurrent managers. This view shows the health of the application from an SLA, end-user and infrastructure tier perspective. It also shows the details of those perspectives with drill downs for each

Overdue Workflow Alarm

In this use case, Foglight has detected a problem in the Oracle E-Business workflow. Specifically, Foglight has found that 15 users have not responded to workflow notifications by the due date specified. Because this gives users the impression that the Oracle E-Business system is too slow, this is an issue you should investigate.

Foglight Oracle E-Business Home Page

To investigate the overdue workflow identified in the previous screen of this tour, you will use a different Foglight dashboard, the Oracle E-Business Overview page. This page shows the critical metrics of the application, including if the critical process are running, how many users are logged in, what is running in the concurrent manager, how many jobs have run and how many were successful. It also shows statistics for workflow. You can investigate this issue by drilling down further in the next screenshot.

Oracle E-Business Workflow Details (1/2)

The Workflow Drill Down dashboard shows counts for the various stages of the workflow processes, workflow related alarms, and specific details for long running workflows and overdue notifications.

Oracle E-Business Workflow Details (2/2)

Scrolling down on the Workflow Drill Down dashboard, you can also see the detail about workflows that can be purged. In this use case, you are being alerted to workflows where notifications are overdue, so let's You can drill down deeper into the overdue notifications.

Real-Time Overdue Workflow Details

In this dashboard, you can see the counts for each application user with overdue workflows. By selecting an individual user, for example, RCULLEN, you can see the details for each overdue workflow. With this information, you can contact the user and have the notifications delegated or modify the workflow in the application so that business processing can continue.

Foglight Oracle E-Business Summary

In addition to this one specific example of drilling into a specific problem, Foglight for Oracle E-Business includes many out-of-the-box health checks and alerts to continuously and proactively ensure that the application is running optimally. Combined with exceptional end user, Java and database monitor, Foglight is a complete application performance monitoring (APM) solution.