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Foglight for PeopleSoft

Simplified PeopleSoft Application Performance Monitor

Foglight for PeopleSoft gives you visibility into the entire PeopleSoft environment – from end users through the application servers, and into the databases – so you can prevent underperforming applications from harming revenues and customer service. With Foglight's PeopleSoft performance monitoring capabilities, you'll have visibility into the entire application stack in context, so you can better prioritize corrective actions before availability problems affect end users.

  • Provide visibility of critical PeopleSoft performance measurements
  • Identify and resolve problems proactively before end-users are affected
  • Reduce total cost of ownership for PeopleSoft systems
  • Improve application compliance and adherence to service levels
  • Associate performance and availability issues to business services being affected


  • Comprehensive Performance Management – Manage performance degradations and application issues proactively – before the business is impacted.
  • Business Service Grouping – Organize different activities or services into logical service groups, allowing all levels of stakeholders the ability to get more out of the PeopleSoft monitoring application.
  • Intelligent Recording – Improve application service levels by monitoring and recording transactions and actual user experiences.
  • Proactive Alerting – Manage service levels proactively for PeopleSoft infrastructure and application components with out-of-the-box alarm configurations.
  • Service Level Tracking – Increase service levels by establishing historical, realistic and manageable service levels at an application, geographical and enterprise level.
  • Role-Based Views – Improve decision-making with consistent and factual information presented in easily-digestible reporting customized for each stakeholder.
  • Comprehensive Change Management  – Protect application customizations from being overwritten and establish recovery and restoration of previous versions of objects for rollbacks or in recreating environments.



PeopleSoft End-to-End Application Monitoring

Just one of the dashboards available in Foglight to visualize the health of the environment, the Foglight PeopleSoft geographical dashboard monitors each tier of the application from the end-user perspective to application servers, database servers, and the internals of the application, including the process schedulers. This view shows the health of the application from an SLA, end-user and infrastructure tier perspective. It also shows the details of those perspectives, with clickable drill downs for each.

PeopleSoft Web Tier Alarm

By clicking on the previous screen's web tier yellow warning icon, users can see a PeopleSoft Web Tier alarm. This alarm illustrates an example where the PeopleSoft web server isn't responding within the prescribed service level for a specific request.
You can drill down to get more detail by clicking on the "Instance" hyperlink in the upper left of the alarm.

PeopleSoft Requests

This dashboard shows the requests and response times from the PeopleSoft web server. The trends and exceptions are easy to see. For this example, we can see that this request has varied in the last four hours between 1.38 and 17.42 seconds. It is currently running about 9.9 seconds.

Java Server Specifics

In addition to viewing requests, you can view the details of the Java server. This example shows the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) heap pools. Other key metrics, like JDBC connection pools, are also available from the Java server home page dashboard.

PeopleSoft from the End User Point of View

In addition to looking at the Java server from an infrastructure point of view, this dashboard shows a PeopleSoft transaction from an end-user point of view such as the HR Payroll user. This view answers the questions: is the problem in the back-end infrastructure or on the client side, how many people are executing this transaction and how many experience problems. Additionally, it can answer the question of where are the users who are having problems.

PeopleSoft User Session

When users have issues, Foglight can search for those sessions and display a list of specific transactions. In this screen, Foglight details 7 errors that occurred during 2 HR Payroll end-user transactions.

Reviewing a PeopleSoft User Session

For a problematic user session, Foglight can re-display the page as the user saw it. In this case, the full navigation path of the pages the user visited, as well as the parameters for each page, is shown on the left. By capturing the full details of the pages users visited, Foglight can perform forensic analysis without requiring additional details from the user.

Foglight PeopleSoft Summary View

You can use this view to determine the health and availability of specific PeopleSoft components, including application servers, scheduler servers and the PeopleSoft database. This example shows just one application server and one scheduler server, but you can view utilization and availability for an entire enterprise from one screen.

PeopleSoft Application Server Drill Down

Drill downs for each of the components provide additional detail. In this example, the historical utilization of the application server is shown. The left-hand side of the screen lists other available views; users can click on these to drill down into further detail.

Foglight PeopleSoft Summary

In addition to these examples of the PeopleSoft end-user experience and application server details, Foglight for PeopleSoft includes many out-of–the-box rules and alerts to continuously and proactively ensure that the application is running optimally. Combined with exceptional end user, Java and database monitoring, Foglight is a complete application performance monitoring (APM) solution.