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Foglight for Virtualization, Free Edition

Free virtual environment and capacity management tools

Get the most out of your virtualized data center, despite configuration options and demanding workloads – Foglight for Virtualization, Free Edition helps you easily assess virtual machine (VM) performance and health, as well as perform capacity monitoring. This virtualization freeware suite is comprised of six utilities that provide virtualization administrators with 360-degree visibility into heterogeneous virtualized environments. Simplify performance analysis on VMWare, Hyper-V, and Red Hat virtualization platforms and get insight into optimized VM Performance, orphaned snapshots, storage latency, memory limits, VM sizing and impact of infrastructure changes. Foglight for Virtualization, Free Edition includes:

  • Snapshot Explorer
  • Storage Explorer
  • Change Explorer
  • Environment Explorer
  • vScope Explorer
  • SearchMyVM Explorer


Snapshot Explorer

  • Visibility into all snapshots, including orphaned snapshots, helps to avoid VM performance and capacity issues
  • Eliminate time-consuming and tedious manual snapshot tracking
  • Utilize advanced filters to pinpoint specific snapshots and facilitate trouble-shooting

Storage Explorer

  • Determine critical datastore issues such as over-commitment, low capacity, high latency, and VMFS version mismatch
  • Visualize critical VM performance issues such as low available disk space, high latency and throughput
  • Quickly find information with the ability to sort on any metric to pinpoint issues relevant to specific users

Change Explorer

  • Visualize all changes that occurred to datacenters, clusters, resource pools, hosts, datastores and VMs within the last seven days, with the associated risk impact
  • Quickly find information with the ability to apply filters on object name, user and type
  • Analyze the number of changes over time to understand when they are occurring

Environment Explorer

  • Analyze critical VM configuration errors such as memory limits and old snapshots
  • Visualize VM performance bottlenecks
  • Easily identify inefficiency/waste created by virtual machines with resource over-allocation
  • Maximize capacity with the ability to uncover available capacity in terms of the number of additional VMs you can deploy

vScope Explorer

  • Monitor performance, capacity and efficiency across the virtual infrastructure
  • Quickly determine the health of your virtual infrastructure
  • Easily detect virtual machines experiencing performance problems, hosts with low available capacity and datastores with wasted resources
  • Visualize all VMs, hosts, and datastores across many vCenters and data centers on one screen

SearchMyVM Explorer

  • Quickly find information with the ability to generate and save advanced searches on specific attributes across virtual machines, hosts, clusters, and resource pools in an environment
  • Easily generate search result reports in XML, CSV and PDF format

Sys Reqs

Minimum System Requirements

  • 2 vCPUs
  • 4 GB of memory
  • 64 GB of storage space
  • VMware ESX 3.0 or vCenter 2.5 or higher
  • Microsoft SCOM 2007 R2 or higher + SCVMM 2008 R2 or higher
  • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager 3.0 or higher