Foglight for Windows Azure Applications

Performance Assurance for Azure Applications

It’s possible to build, deploy and manage applications across global networks stress-free, provided that you have assurance that your cloud platform is performing optimally. Achieving that assurance is easier and more cost effective than you would expect with Foglight for Windows Azure Applications.

This quick-to-deploy Windows Azure diagnostics and monitoring solution helps improve the performance and availability of applications built on the Azure platform. From diagnosing issues with the Azure infrastructure, to understanding the application’s performance quality, Foglight for Windows Azure Applications ensures you have real time data on the health of the application to tie back to the end-user experience.


  • Quality of service – Gain a deeper understanding of the application’s performance quality, especially when the application is performing less optimally than intended.
    Synthetic availability testing – Ensure your application is available 24x7.
  • Real user monitoring – Determine how many visitors your application gets, where the users come from, and what browsers/devices they use, so you can tailor and improve appeal accordingly.
  • Transaction analysis – Track which transactions take longest, which are the most common, which consume the most time overall, and which have the greatest negative impact on users. Use this feature to pinpoint what you can improve upon to make the user experience better.
  • Application and infrastructure health – Identify problems with the Azure infrastructure or the application, and receive warnings if there are issues that have the potential to affect end users. Plus, get alerts on issues that are already impacting end users.

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