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Foglight Transaction Recorder

Actively Monitor the User Experience

Foglight Transaction Recorder actively monitors synthetic transactions on your thin (web) and thick client applications to help you quickly identify and resolve application performance problems before they impact end users. More specifically, Foglight Transaction Recorder helps you:

  • Monitor and measure application performance and availability
  • Manage and report on Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Gain visibility with real-time dashboards and reports
  • Actively Identify and record application outages
  • Isolate performance problems by application or geographical location


Intelligent Recording – Record scripts without any additional knowledge of programming language, baseline response times. You can also verify the authenticity of transactions before they are flagged for regular monitoring.

Logical service and activity grouping – Monitor services and activity by geographical location or other logical groupings to gain an integrated view of whether end users face performance issues due to location (network issues) or the central application infrastructure.

Preconfigured and Customizable Alarms – Preconfigured alarms are available out of the box to help you quickly gain visibility into performance. Additional alarms can be configured to proactively alert on a number of different expected response time and error criteria at a detailed activity or overall transaction level.

Service-Level Policy Configuration – Track any application’s availability at an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly interval. Service-level policies are automatically established at the business service level (application factors affecting the established response times for performance) and at the application level (factors affecting application availability for outages).

Integrated Diagnostics – Identify which part of the transaction caused response-time degradation or outages so you can resolve performance issues faster.

Historical Reporting and Analysis – Establish realistic and manageable service level agreements (SLAs) at application, geographical and enterprise levels using historical collection and analysis.


Improve User Experience

Foglight gives you real time visibility into performance incidents to help you answer questions like:

  • What pages, images or transactions are users having problems with?
  • Which of my applications have user experience problems?
  • What data center supports this application and in which locations are users experiencing problems?
  • Which teams should be involved in investigating this issue further?

Improve User Experience

Foglight helps you isolate the source of performance incidents:

  • What was the problem in the external client/network or internal backend processing?
  • How many real users are experiencing the problem?
  • What threshold is violated?
  • Which synthetic playback locations are affected?

Improve User Experience

Foglight helps you search and analyze users by common traits

  • Which users were having the same performance problem?
  • Is the problem with specific locations, brower types, etc?

Improve User Experience

With Foglight you can replay problematic sessions to pinpoint cause

  • What exactly were users doing when they experienced a performance problem?
  • What pages did the user step through?
  • What did the user see when the problem occurred?

Improve User Experience

With Foglight you can break down page requests to find problems and provide a step-by-step replay to development to further resolution

  • What elements on the page affect user response time?
  • How much time was spent processing each page element?